March 4th, 2019


Give social care the funding it needs

Give social care the funding it needs

Social care is about supporting people with needs arising from illness, disability or old age. It is estimated that there are at least 5.4 million unpaid carers and that 1.4 million people go without the help they need on a daily basis. These numbers are growing as the population gets older and peop...

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 4 Mar 2019, 19:17

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life is pain

Sniffling, Snuffling, Hacking...

Is anybody watching RIDE UPON THE STORM? It's tucked away late Sunday nights, and on the face of it, doesn't sound that great. It's a sort of  high-quality soap about the travails of a Danish clerical family . The characters are complex and interesting, and there's an engaging woowoo undercurrent at times. I find it quite fascinating.

It's only lunchtime and I'm  already stricken with cabin fever. I can't really do much or go anywhere, what  with snot dripping constantly, foggy head and a cough developing quickly, but I'm not (thank gods-) poorly enough to just sleep all day. Bugger.

I heard that news item they broadcast the other day about how watching a lot of TV increases your dementia chances. I was wondering how long it would take for R Next Door to ask me if I knew about it...Early the next morning. Yes, I'm probably going fucking senile, but so did my mother and grandmother. C'est la vie.
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