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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

09:19 am: Tomi Ungerer obituary
01:42 pm: I always feel sick when I see these in shops. Absolutely vile.  3 comments
01:10 pm: shared_story
11:10 pm: Vomitrocious Vauxhall...
08:40 am: Tate
10:37 am: Rather nasty out, and I seem to have a bloody cold; non-stop sneezefest, etc. I just used the…
01:06 pm: Idoli - Maljciki
08:31 pm: Blowy, Boring Day...  2 comments
09:27 am: Can you spare a minute to help lee kennedy?
09:58 am: Guh. I'm FULL of cold, now. It's probably best to stay in and hope I can get rid of it quickly, but…
11:57 am: The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49  1 comment
07:17 pm: Give social care the funding it needs
07:30 pm: Sniffling, Snuffling, Hacking...
09:17 am: I really, really love FLEABAG.😍
07:12 pm: Old school diary comics and more. by YouDontGetThere
11:19 pm: mobile_status_update
08:13 am: Click here to support Help Gahan Wilson find his way organized by Paul Winters
08:29 am: Leap into Lent! Wahey!
08:42 am: Still Gotta Cold...
11:31 pm: Watched more than 3 hours' TV tonight, so I guess I'll get dementia if that study is…  1 comment
09:24 am: mobile_status_update
10:09 am: Artist Fran Krause Perfectly Illustrates Your Deepest, Darkest Fears
08:51 pm: Harvey ...
12:17 am: Doodlediary:  2 comments
06:43 pm: Further excessive TV consumption. Finished watching ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA, then an excellent episode…
12:04 pm: I like TRAPPED, but this series seems a bit muddled and confusing to me. So many characters and…
09:00 pm: High Winds and Idleness...
10:17 pm: Watched the new thriller CHEAT. Not bad, so far, but Betsy, NOOOOO! Why must they *always* do…
01:13 pm: mobile_status_update
07:11 pm: Another Blowy Day, More Brexit Crap...
02:41 pm: Managed my old lady workout, but this wind is making me feel crazier than usual! Does anybody else…
02:46 pm: I've just about run out of films that 'influenced' me, but I was reminded of this one today.
07:36 pm: Aiieeee!
08:24 am: FB still pretty FUBARd . Whew, just made me realise how addicted I am.🤪
08:35 am: Booze, bishops and breakdowns: the biblical brilliance of Ride Upon the Storm
11:55 am: Glub! R Next Door, dogs and I got caught in an intense downpour in the park. I only got halfway…
08:33 pm: Bad Dreams Are Good
08:03 am: Dreadful news of the mosque shootings in New Zealand. Condolences to all those caught up in this…
01:53 pm: Soporific Saturday...
05:26 pm: These Pictures Show The History And Controversies Of The NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade  1 comment
08:08 am: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
11:10 am: Luke Kelly The Night Visiting Song
10:59 pm: John Huston's The Dead - Finale
08:56 am: Sign our social housing petition
02:20 pm: Oh boy, today Utrecht gets whacked. Heaven help those affected. These honestly seem to be the…
02:32 pm: Mari People: The Last Pagans Of Europe
12:00 am: Hermitage of Santo Cristo
08:26 am: mobile_status_update
12:20 pm: This is your last chance to see a supermoon this year – and it's going to be special
12:26 pm: What's on - College of Psychic Studies
04:13 pm: Drab Kinda Day...
07:36 pm: Has anyone ever rented their flat out to be used for filming? I got a notice the other day that…  2 comments
07:43 am: Petition: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
08:22 am: More than 500,000 people sign petition to scrap Brexit and remain in EU
08:31 pm: Super Worm Moon...
09:23 am: mobile_status_update
07:05 pm: Petition: Justice for Jodey Whiting. Independent inquiry into deaths linked to the DWP
11:20 pm: More Murk...
11:23 pm: Hundreds of thousands to join 'Put It To The People' march demanding a final say on Brexit
08:50 am: Anti-Brexit march: Route, map and road closures
08:56 am: A Pilgrimage to the Ancient Penis Monastery
08:36 pm: Hidden Camera Catches Cat Comforting Anxious Dog While Family's Away | The Dodo Odd Couples
08:43 am: Sign the pledge against the dog meat trade
10:28 pm: Springy Sunday...
09:12 am: mobile_status_update
03:36 pm: I'm feckin' 72, and have sprouted a giant zit on my already *very* substantial nose. Why, oh why?…
03:45 pm: Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal
11:46 pm: It's getting bigger...  2 comments
11:58 pm: kermit sings hurt  1 comment
08:26 am: mobile_status_update
08:31 am: Europeans Keep Finding Ancient Dodecahedrons in the Dirt – What are They?
08:38 am: Woodkid - Iron (Official Video)
08:46 am: Government announces refusal to accept ‘Revoke Article 50’ petition, no matter how many people sign…  1 comment
07:51 pm: Enfeebled...
08:07 pm: Oh, in further fascinating news, my zit is nearly gone!
08:20 am: Ugh! Hectic dreams of toiling on the switchboard. My eyes are runny, I've puked my yoghurt, and am…
08:35 am: The opera bringing Jack the Ripper's victims back to life
08:06 pm: JACK THE RIPPER At ENO...
11:42 am: Hey Kate! 🙋 from Best for Britain
07:17 pm: No, that doctor never referred me to the clinic. 'Well, she's gone, now', said Dr H. I have a…  3 comments
11:07 pm: Beauty and the Beast (1946) documentary, Jean Cocteau
06:53 am: Baw Yubba! 😡 Gonna be hot (for me) AND we lose an hour's sleep tonight.