January 25th, 2019


Click here to support Milo my cat needs Vet help organized by Carrie McNinch

Click here to support Milo my cat needs Vet help organized by Carrie McNinch

Milo my senior cat isn't doing well. It looks like she is displaying all the symptoms for hyperthyroidism (eating heartily but losing weight every day and is hyperactive). I want to get her to the vet as soon as possible to be examined and tested for this (which involves several different tests)...

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 25 Jan 2019, 19:17

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The African Gaze, etc. ...

It was wet again this morning, so I made another effort to find the Brunei Gallery, which was, of course, extremely obvious, signs and everything. I must have walked past it a couple of times yesterday.


The exhibit was fabulous, even 'better' than I expected. I stayed there for some time. The images are just so out and out crazy. I took a few photos, but I'm too weary to bother tryinfg to post them just now.
There was also a show of  work by Hassan Musa, the Sudanese-born artist, mostly the 'mail art' he did,  mainly in the 80's and 90's. It's delightful, and unexpectedly, he was there in person, giving a brief introduction, and doing a Q&A. He's a lovely bloke, very gentle and wise. I really enjoyed his talk.
By the time I got home, it had dried out, and I had no excuse not to exercise, although I felt knackered, so I did, then collapsed and watched that BBC4 documentary about the Bros reunion concert. I've never had any interest in them, but this was pretty good, focusing on their  fractious love/hate  relationship, and I found it rather moving. (It's on iPlayer-)