January 24th, 2019


Whatta Grey Day...

Watched first three chapters of TRUE DETECTIVE 3, last night, and it's shaping up really well, after that tedious second season. It's a fascinating case, with interesting, complicated characters, and a nice, spooky element.
The dental hygienist visit wasn't as bad as I expected. It used to be excruciating, back in the day.
After that, I decided to skip working out, and set off to see the exhibit of weird African cinema posters at the Brunei Gallery. I walked around Bloomsbury in the freezing cold, but couldn't find the place! I can't believe it. Nobody else seemed to know it, either. Eventually, I gave up, and on my way back, I stopped in at Foyle's,
and got the most complete version of Christopher Logue's WAR MUSIC, thanks to my old mate's book token gift. So, that was OK
There are still a LOT more 'Remain' protestors at Westminster than 'Leave' people.
Today, I was in bed until 8:30 or so, and then dithered about going downstairs, and it started to drizzle freezily. I went to ASDA, where I saw a fine 'Womens'' magazine headline. 'Dad Ate Pzza While Mum's Body Lay Rotting.'
It kept on dripping, and once AGAIN, I skipped exercise. I mean, I have a cold already, and I'm queasier than ever, but...I feel guilty, feeble  and bloaty for copping out once more.
I hope I can get back on track tomorrow, and get to the exhibit as well.

Here's today's Eternal Movie Meme . If you want to play along, just post a still from a film that has impressed you, without any title or explanation , and everyone guesses...