January 21st, 2019


Another Missed Heavenly Spectacle...

Got up several times to see the 'Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse' with no luck. The first two looks, it was very bright, but  only partly eclipsed, and didn't seem very 'big.' My last attempt was  at five, I saw only cloudy sky. Bah!
Took Moon to the vet for her checkup. It's very weird. Her kidney readings are all normal, now. Once the problem has started, it doesn't usually reverse. On the other hand, kidney function sometimes improves when they go hyperthyroid !  She's actually put on a little bit of weight, though. In any event, the teeth have really got to go, it seems. Her gums are starting to look quite angry. Christ, the money...Watched THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, Orson Welles' last film, which he never finished. Certainly not my favourite, of his, but it was pretty interesting.
It's 'the most depressing day of the year', they say, and I do feel pretty glum, but then I usually do, don't I?
Haven't seen R Next Door since her emotional meltdown over the dead goslings yesterday. Hope she's chilled out a bit.