January 13th, 2019


Weekend Whinge...

R Next Door is still searching for a fitting consort for Peppi, who has been increasingly sad since Lula died. It looks like there are a couple of hot contenders, from a sight hound rescue place. Hope it works out. R might be a bit less hysterical as well, with another dawg to train, etc.
Last week's EASTENDERS featured a whirlwind of violence and lunacy, culminating in the fatal (finally-) shooting of bad bent cop-bigamist, etc. Ray, by Mel's teenaged son. They bury him (again) in the woods and flee back home (Mel has remained in her wedding gown throughout all the mayhem.)
The boy is all distraught, and at the end of the episode, a shot is heard. Mel gurns tragically.  Is the kid dead? What's  gonna happen now? Nobody heard the shot? Nobody has mentioned, or seemed to be curious about the whole aborted wedding, etc, or what has become of Mel and son...
BLACK LAKE continues to be quite dull. I'm not paying proper attention, of course, I didn't even realise that Gerda(?) had a wooden arm until someone mentioned it last night.
The big total eclipse/super/blood moon is right before my birthday, so I should be getting interesting messages from my dreams, Nope...Although I usually have elaborate,luridly coloured adventures, in the last couple of weeks, I've been able to remember much less than usual, and when I do, I just seem to be having dry conversations with besuited, academic old men.
I'm proud of myself for managing a languid 'workout' this morning, despite feeling extra creaky and semi-comatose. I feel perhaps a little perkier, anyway, for having done it.
Met an old boy and his dog, that I didn't recognise, downstairs. They knew me, though, and he goggled 'Whoa! You've lost a whole lotta weight!'  Seems they moved several years ago, and he'd not seen me
since I was ultrasuperfat. He was here visiting a friend, and said he was gald he got out before this unpromising 'regeneration' project started.

Here's today's ongoing Movie Meme
Anyone who fancies it, post a still from a film that has impressed you strongly, without any explanation or title given. Readers then guess what it is: