January 10th, 2019


Dental Adventures, Etc....

So nastily damp/chilly and drizzly today, I ended up not exercising. I was shattered emotionally from going to the dentist, as well. I've got a new denture, which is ludicrous-looking and uncomfortable as the first, but at least it covers the gap. He's also 'fixed' the chipped tooth, but now it looks really crooked, and like the denture, is an entirely different colour to my real greeny-grey old choppers. Again, it's some improvement, though. I have to wait six months before he tries the bridge,, but I have to pay for a 'deep clean' with a hygeinist next week. Nobody ever even suggested I do it before, although back in the day, they did it for nothing, I think. That, he reckons is why my teeth are rotten now. Grunt.
I went on to Brixton, where I investigated some charity shops, etc. Then I had coffee in a cafe where there was a couple tending a 'special' bloke in a wheelchair with his face hidden in his hood. He was making the most nightmarish noises; groaning gurgling, shouting, wailing, that I nearly had to leave, it was so horrible. Poor bugger. I went into a DIY shopt then, to try and find some high-viz tape, to maybe help me not to fall on the uneven floors. I felt really giddy and strange in the shop, and for about ten minutes after, thought I was going to fall over. Worrying, but it was probably just not eating much and dental stress.
BTW, I will say this for Mrs May, she has a nice selection of colourful bobbly necklaces.
Throwback Thursday:
I found a sketchbook with lots of drawings of the late Amazy. I still really miss that cat. She was so silly, good-natured,and way too young to die...
I was  not really pleased when she was  brought to me, when a friend couldn't keep her  (Dog trouble-) as I'd been told she was a shorthair, and she was actually a very fluffy,  medium/ longhaired thick-coated gal, which certainly didn't help my asthma. She jumped all over me purring and licking from the start, and soon wore down my resistance, though. She was such a happy cat, too, always lying on her back grinning, with her feet in the air. *Sigh*