December 27th, 2018

grump santa

Boxing Day...

Another 'festive' day of mild but damp, gloomy weather.
For some reason, I was thinking of this bloke I knew at uni. He was  something  of a divvy, and no one liked him much. He wanted to be a director, but wasn't any good. I wondered if he could have actually had a career, so I googled him. He did, indeed, work as a director for quite a few years, but became foster father to a little girl who had seen her own father murdered. He left 'showbiz' , and got a job in a law office, the better  to support her. Later, he continued directing and published quite a bit of stuff. He had some sort of complicated health condition, though, and died at 67, a few years ago. Poor bugger. It seems he had a lot more 'success' than I ever did, though. So it goes.

It looks like Kevin Spacey has really lost his marbles. posting that weird video of himself  in character as Frank Underwood, evidently discussing his current situation. I'm still sad that his career seems to be over, as I've always been a great fan. but there are a lot of accusations, and rumours of many more abusive incidents. He's really not done himself any favours with that video, anyway.

THE ABC MURDERS is a  good 'un, although John Malkovich's accent is distractingly peculiar.