December 23rd, 2018

sad scrooge

' Holidays Are Comin' '...

Time for Christmas disasters. Heaven help all those involved in the latest  Indonesian tsunami.
RIP Paddy Ashdown, one of those rare politicians who give the impression of being actual human beings.

I'm beginning to despair of Mr Corbyn. His announcement of his intention to carry through with Brexit in the event of a snap election is pretty depressing. What hope have we got if Labour continues in-fighting and generally missing all the  many opportunies to get rid of the Tories? *Sigh*
Looks like I'm not working out today. It was too wet earlier, and I felt seedy (continued to be sick several times before breakfast.)

The first series of THE SINNER concluded; quite good, I thought, and I'm now nearly finished with series 2, which is also very involving.
Funny how we all enjoy 'orrible murders so much.