December 20th, 2018


Seasonal Grumping...

I do feel extra-weird today; all cynical and crumby. I had the excitement of schlepping the laundry down the road, after flailing away in the park.
Then, I thought I'd shuffle down to the South Bank to check out the Christmas Market. I go there most years, always thinking it might improve, but I can say that it remains  possibly the glummest setup of its kind in the world... Probably it's jollier at night.
There were a few nice shawls and things, but , of course, I have no spare money. Most of the stalls are food, some of it rather tempting, in an eight quid-for a hot dog-way, and not much for veggies, Strangely, there was hardly any good food smell. Maybe that sense is failing me now, as well.
Watched FILM STARS DON'T DIE IN LIVERPOOL, which was interesting. I always found Gloria Graheme fascinating. She was quite a character, it seems.