December 17th, 2018


Hanging Around, Windowshopping...

Well, the old Poundland Christmas wreaths are up again. I'm the only one on the floor who 'decorates' at all.
Coffee Lovers was closed, to my chagrin, so I went over to Elephant & Castle to have a look round. I was seriously tempted by an appealingly butch camo tracksuit, which looked very cosy, but I didn't have any money, and I DON'T NEED IT.
Watched a very strange and intriguing film, PHANTOM THREAD. Daniel Day-Lewis was fantastic, as this brilliant, but terribly fragile and neurotic couture designer in the 50's , kind of a straight Yves Saint Laurent. I was expecting it to be  a bit dull, actually, but  there was something eerily hypnotic about it. Definitely worth a look.
Still puking at least once a day. Going to the doctor tomorrow; first time since Dr S retired. Hope I haven't got someone too horrible.

It doesn't feel remotely like Christmas, but I guess it hasn't, for years, really.