December 15th, 2018


Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world

Stunning images of pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world

‘Lucifer and little devils,’ Tauplitz, Austria. Photograph by Charles Fréger.   In a recent interview, French photographer Charles Fréger revealed that he has always been fascinated by European tribal traditions. This fascination inspired the well-known artist to travel all around Europe to c...

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 15 Dec 2018, 00:43

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Queer Fayre, Etc...

Positively foul outdoors, it's been tipping down nearly all day. I did kick my arse onto the bus to go to Tate Britain. I ran into Jeremy and Tim  there. I displayed my nauseating gap and broken front tooth, but didn't get a good look at her implant in progress.
I had a look around the fair when I found it, and saw several things I desired, especially Rachel House's lovely grey skully mug, but that's not in my price range, so I settled for a few of her zines that I didn't get last time, and a nice freebie mini-charm with a lightning bolt on it.. The weather, obviously, had put people off, and it wasn't quite as full of Christmas shoppers as everyone had hoped, but such is life... I did a quick look around an exhibit of interesting photos of religous ceremonies and stuff in 70's Slovenia, and the East End, plus street musicians. I'd passed by the slugs sliming on the Millbank entrance a few times, and not been overly keen; they won me over in close-up, though. I'm quite glad to be back indoors and snug, anyway.
Watched THE SHAPE OF WATER last night, and enjoyed it. It was beautiful to look at, and rather touching.