December 11th, 2018

flying adipose

Nice, Crisp Day...

I was stuck indoors until lunchtime, though, waiting for the gas man, who sorted the boiler quickly, commenting as they usually do, on how old it is (At least 30 years-) Then, I  did my 'workout', and sat writing rubbish in Coffee Lovers for a while.
Finished watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY: APOCALYPSE, which was quite poor, as far as I could tell (Another one with no subtitles)
FORTITUDE's last series had only four episodes, but was reasonably good, and Richard Dormer was entertainingly  OTT scary as the completely deranged Sheriff Dan.
Was getting slightly worried about 'Stumpy' , as R Next Door has christened the squirrel with the chomped-off tail. I hadn't seen it for a couple of days, but it turned up this afternoon, scrounging monkey nuts. Ahhhh, bless. <3