December 8th, 2018

flying adipose

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Lovely crisp morning in the park, and now it's cloudier and windier, so I did my 'workout' just in time.
The silly squirrels are so tame they rub up against my trouser leg, demanding monkey nuts, and the black lurcher who's killed two already, was off the lead and muzzle-less again. Apart from propensity for critter-murder, he's a nice dawg, but his owner is an irresponsible eejit. 'Lock him up!'
Brexit, Brexit, Brexit on the radio, damn and blast the whole business. We're likely fucked. I guess it is more likely now that there'll be another referendum, but even if the miracle happens and we Remain. Such a huge amount of time and money has been thrown away that the government should have devoted to worthwhile stuff.
Heard some of Jo Brand on R4, reading from her latest book, declaring she'd always felt 'different' because she's a 'tomboy hermaphrodite heterosexual'  Why , that's me!  Think I'll put that down next time I have to fill in a form.
The horribly amusing SALLY 4 EVER  has finished on Sky Atlantic. Highly recommended  to all who enjoy sick, evil humour. (Chortle)