December 3rd, 2018


Monday, Monday...

Really weird 'sun shower ' earlier. It went on for ages. Haven't seen anything like that in years. Got a bit rained on in the park, too. R Next Door seems a bit better. She doesn't accept that  not eating for several days can give you giddy turns, and doesn't want to eat until she feels better. As usual, no point in arguing.
I really have to get a pack of those 'Sprout' flavour crisps. I can't imagine anything more nauseating, that doesn't involve dead animals, but I must taste one,and pass the rest on to the pigeons.
LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL is over, thank goodness. I have this stupid 'thing' about books and TV series, that more often than not, I'll struggle to finish them, once I've started.
I'm also still watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY:APOCALYPSE, which is pretty poor.
 but also nearly done. I used to like AHS, but  it's really gone downhill.