December 2nd, 2018


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Bloody ickysticky warm, outdoors, but at least it was possible to exercise without getting too wet.
New thriller on BBC4 is THE SINNER; not uninteresting, I think it has possibilities.
Finished the final HOUSE OF CARDS series, which was completely mad. I think they were desperate, having lost the star, due to his bad behaviour with young menz, and just let rip with every twist and turn they could think of , sharkjumping in every direction. That said, it was pretty entertaining.
FORTITUDE is back on Sky Atlantic this week, with a final third series. Yay.
R Next Door has been sick, too, and did her swooning riff in the park. She hasn't eaten in days, which isn't unusual for her, and she insists that it's healthy.
I seem to barf nearly every day, myself. It's sadly ironic that only healthy, nutritious food seems to set me off.