November 29th, 2018


Blowy Day...

Still somewhat gurgly and feeble,and expected another all day drizzle confinement, but about three o'clock, it actually cleared up for a while, and I did a shortish workout on the equipment downstairs. It  was rather nice, actually, as I'd had that frowsy 'woman in a dressing gown'  feeling, sitting indoors.
It was quite windy, but that was calming down by late afternoon, too. As it was otherwise mild, having a shower wasn't quite so hellish, either.  2 more sleeps until I can use the central heating. My usual winter routine is to turn it on for half an hour or so to shower, etc. in the morning, then switch off until dark, unless it's properly cold and overcast all day.
Watched this BBC1 programme about the 'Hotel for the Super Rich and Famous' at Trafalagar Square. The poshest suite is over £2,000 a NIGHT. It was quite fascinating, but nauseating, in equal measure. Who would want that, anyway?....Well, Bill Clinton, Will I. Am, etc. Bah. You could save lives with that kind of money, and some guests stay there for months!