November 20th, 2018



It was proper chilly today, and wet, a dispensation from dog park workout then. I did go down to the launderette to collect my stuff, and had a 'festive' latte in in Caffe Nero, which wasn't very good, and they put a mountain of bloody whipped cream on it, after I asked them not to. Mumble.
I spent much of the afternoon under a duvet, with Moon on top of that, reading THE TERROR. Being a decrepit OAP does have the odd compensations, like not having to schlep out to the West End in a wet, smelly and crowded bus, perform menial toil all day, and  do a dismal return trip in the dark. Heh!
I have discovered SALLY4 EVER  an absolutely disgusting, and very funny 'sitcom' by and starring the  horribly gifted Julia Davis. (No wonder she won the heart of the lovely Julian Barratt.) It's evil, and  quite brilliant.
BLOOD is pretty good; not at all Channel Fivey.