November 16th, 2018


What A Grey Day...

It was really a bit gloomy, even for me, but didn't rain on my workout.
There was an ad in the METRO offerring 2 nights in Berlin for £79.00 (More for loners, of course-) and I enquired about it.  A short, cheap trip might do me good; give me back my travel 'confidence'. It was all so complicated, and the saleswoman, as usual, had an accent I couldn't deal with, and spoke really rapidly despite my pleas.You had to make the connections yourself, and the hotels weren't very central ...I said I'd consider it, and am still considering, but  I've kind of lost the mood, now. and somehow it sounded a bit dodgy anyway.
Infuriatingly, while I was doing all this pointless conversing, I completely forgot about the  estate coffee & cake thing, which, this week had someone coming from the Voltaire Gallery again, this time to give a block print workshop.  FUCK! I am an eediot.