November 5th, 2018


Murky Monday...

The lil' squirrel with the chevron-shaped dawg bite taken out of its tail seems to be perky as ever, fingers crossed.
The rather nice Roastery cafe on Wandsworth Road near the Chase, has shut down suddenly. Wonder why? I didn't go in there that often, but whenever I passed, they seemed to be reasonably busy. Damn.
I also asked one of the builders near the site where the creepy old newsagent used to be, what they were working on 'Flats' he said. Of course, more housing is badly needed, but you can bet these won't be 'affordable'. They'll probably be very ugly, too. Everything interesting-looking seems to being demolished.
 It's too mild for my taste. Bah.
I took my hospital prescription down to the GP's surgery, then bought some bits, including a stock-up on cat food, at Sainsbury's, to use my 'triple Nectar points' ticket. Didn't do much else.
That's two episodes of LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, now, and I've nodded off during both. Must be me, I guess. Everyone seems to think it's great.