November 1st, 2018


It's Hallowe'en...

Two more Darwin Award contenders  in the tourist couple who fell to their death taking cliffedge selfies in Yellowstone Park. RIP, but how insanely dumb. There has been a shocking number of  these selfie-related  tragedies.
Discovered that the station showing THE TERROR is now available on BTVision, so I can binge on that, now.
Still feel like I'm getting a cold, but fighting it.
Although I didn't do any decent drawings, I believe I've actually produced something for every day of Inktober, so go, me.


Dreary, but Industrious...

Too wet for outdoor workout, so I never went out at all. I did tidy up, in a superficial way, and did my two most hated tasks, the changing of the cat litter, and the bed linen.
I then watched the first two episodes of the new HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE  series. Just rather stupid so far. Zombie Shirley Jackson should come and chastise them all. Still, it could well improve.
I keep encountering people swearing and making threatening gestures at each other in shops, on the street, etc.  I mean, it always happens, of course, but it seems to be escalating, like most other unpleasantries.
Here's a couple more inane Inktober doodles. I think that's the lot, now.

#Inktober 20018