October 24th, 2018


Iphone Immersion...

I've been pissing around with the Iphone all day. Downloaded a lot of free apps, but still can't figure out how to send texts or enter my contacts. Uh...
Still can't sort out why the new printer isn't sending stuff to the right place, or allowing me to download my scans, so entering inktober scribbles is still on hold. GHope Mr IT can sort it out.
I was drawing some cash from 'the wailing wall' and the young woman behind me asked if I was a cartoonist; said she'd seen my work and was a fan. She lives on the estate, apparently. I was taken aback. Should have spoken more to her, but was flustered.
I've been getting behind in my streaming binges. Haven't seen anything much, this week. Weirdly, I seem to be developing a taste for HOLBY CITY!