October 16th, 2018


Wet Again...

Seems strange to have two damp days in a row after the endless dry summer.
I'm seriously considering an iPhone6plus (2nd hand reconditioned-) Anyone have one?
Went to Sainsbury's, Ladbroke Grove, for an 'outing', and because they used to have mobile phones. They don't now. Guess it's a couple of years since I was there. I was thinking I could  maybe use up the Nectar points I've been saving for aeons. Fap.

inktober 2018
15 'Weak'

Phones, Etc...

Haven't heard from my IT bloke, and don't know what to do about buying that secondhand iPhone 6 Plus...There are a few at 'low' prices on Ebay and Amazon, but I'm afraid of being ripped off, and I saw one for 200 quid at Cex (ditto)
Incredibly crazy mild again. Got my 'workout' done, anyway, and faffed about.
Enjoyed the latest DOCTOR WHO episone Sunday. Again, I was actually able to comprehend what was going on, which I like, although many hardcore followers prefer all that complicated time-wimey stuff. It's too much for my old brain, though. Much as I enjoy it , I've been largely baffled by the goings on for the last five years or so...
It's the same with BLACK EARTH RISING. It's quite interesting, although I really couldn't coherently say WTF is happening.

#inktober 2018