October 9th, 2018


Picture Gallery Queasiness...

It's too damn hot!  That dazzling sun is making me feel even more unsteady on my feet, as even with my varifocals. I just can't see where I'm going.
I exercised and set off for the Dulwich Picture Gallery, but missed the stop on the 3 bus, and had to walk for about 20 minutes, feeling wobbly, even with the trolley to prop me up.
I wasn't expecting to be actually freaked out by the Ribera: Art of Violence exhibit,and indeed, the major paintings, a couple of which I was familiar with, didn't really bother me. There were a lot of little drawings, though, that looked horribly convincing, like he was standing there with his sketchbook while these poor sods were being publically tortured.
The worst things were a couple of pieces of genuine, pallid human flesh, with tattoos.
I thought I might spew. It was all very interesting, though.


Went home on the P4, via Brixton, which is really a better route, as I can pick up a 35 to the Junction there. Brixton looked really extra-grubby in the sizzling sun, though. Too many pushy people, too
Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be even hotter. *Groan*

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