October 8th, 2018



MORE bloody anxiety dreams.Failing exams, being kidnapped into sex slavery ( Arf! Chance would be a fine thing! ) and all sorts of other agita. Boy, I always have pretty wild, complicated dreams, but this current stuff is so tiring!  I feel kind of dizzy all the time, too... I bought one of those travel pillows today, that go around your neck like a collar. I think I twist my neck, a lot when I conk out in the chair, watching TV.  I can't use it in bed, it would be kind of hot and annoying, but I often wake up from these dreams with my head at a weird angle, too.
The 401 1/2 studios emailed me saying there are no places available, but the cheapest ones are £150 a month, all in. Wow, that seems great value, (providing one had that money to spare...) even for a teeny windowless room. That would suit me fine. Oh well. I haven't, and whoever has occupancy will surely want to hold onto it for life.
It's so strange, how you just get used to things  like impending climate catastrophe, the plastic-polluted oceans, etc. It could well be Too Late, and people won't do anything about it, until it is, anyway. *Sigh*

inktober 2018