October 7th, 2018

ropey old twat

Old And Wobbly...

I'm in bad shape,today. It's a pleasant one, so I've no excuse for not exercising. I feel so shaky and giddy, though. Think I'm having an extended  panic attack, after all that hectic dreaming.
For starters, I left my purse in Tesco's when I got my paper. Thank the gods a man ran after me with it.
I then  shuffled down to the open studios at 401 1/2 Wandsworth Road . They're nice, and there was some interesting stuff. There was more up and downstairs, but I felt so weird, the old stairs were steep and dodgy-looking, and my knees hurt so much, I didn't make the effort. Just walking about on the cobblestones, with uneven thresholds to the different rooms was scary enough.
I asked one of the artists what she paid. She said £300 a month, but there were some even smaller ones , without windows, that she believed were cheaper. That would do me. It would be lovely to have less clutter in the flat, and an incentive to work. If it were £50 a month, though, I couldn't afford it...
Went across the road to Coffee Lovers, and felt fucked up, even there. Carried on home, and spent a tenner on a little 3-wheeled walker from the charity shop, which would be useful for getting on public transport when I don't have shopping to schlep. (The trolley is a drag when  going to museums, etc.) It's not in great shape, though.
Finished my KILLING EVE orgy, which was fabulous, nasty fun. Can't say the same for CONAN THE BARBARIAN, which, as expected, was total shite. Jonah (Aquaman) Mamao is ever so - imposing, though.

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