October 5th, 2018


Damn Weary...

Humid and too warm for October, again, so working out, plus a pretty vigorous physio session, and the walking to and fro has knackered me. It wasn't my last class, either. Evidently that's next week. Almost a shame, really, as the instructor we have now is so good. He really works us, so you have to pay attention, and if you get it wrong, he's very helpful.There's a lot of variety in his workouts, too, so it's not as boring as it used to be.
Afterwards, I popped into Studio Voltaire, just next to Sainsbury's on the High Street, to see the Oscar Wilde Temple,by McDermott &McGough. It was really impressive. I was quite moved, remembering people I've known who died of AIDs, and all the queer people who have been killed, or driven to suicide. It was quite intense, actually. I hope a lot of people will see it. That's a problem with Studio Voltaire.I haven't been in there for ages. They don't publicise much, and it's  in an out-of-the way old church building.


I've been dipping into the last ever BIG BROTHER, now and then, and oddly, it's a bit more interesting than it has been for years. The current batch of housemates is a bit more intelligent and articualte than usual, and there are  no  zepellin-titted  glamour models sashaying around in heavy makeup all the time.
Quite shocked to see that the BBC is cancelling FLOG IT! after about 500 years. Cheesy and outdated as it is, I sort of enjoy it, and think it's the best of all the teatime 'antiques and collectibles'  shows for old fogeys.

#inktober 2018



Did fuck all, as usual, just went down late in the afternoon to get my flu and B12 jabs. (You get them if you've had gastric surgery. I always heard they make you feel perky, but that ain' t so.)
Anyway, even though I was asleep on my feet, I went to the park before going back indoors, and did about 3/4 of my usual  'flailing'.

#inktober 2018