October 2nd, 2018


Crackin' Up...

Bloody PCs still going on and offline. It's BT, not the computer, for sure. Fuckers.
Anyway, I reckoned I'd try doing Inktober, so here's one doodle, anyway...

Oh, the sibling's new cats are  yclept Longshanks and Mephisto. Still no photos.

Ennui Again...

PC connection still playing up, but OK at the moment. I don't want to get worked up about it....
Rather dull day; exercised, collected the laundry, mooched.
Horrible accident on the Albert Embankment. A glass window from one of the ever- increasing  luxury apartment blocks fell out and  sliced this poor man's head in two. Jeez.
Still no further details on the shooting last night. Odd, it usually gets on the news if guns are involved.

I was thinking,for some reason, about the quaint figurines made by Agatha Walker in the 20's, of actors in costume for popular productions of the day.
If I won the lottery and had my elegant old house on the Common, I think I'd buy some. I find them charming, and I especially like the way she does fabric.


#inktober 2018