September 30th, 2018


SALOME And Stuff...

Thanks to a very helpful local IT guy, who doesn't charge much, and seems to actually enjoy helping the aged and technophobic, I'm back on my old PC, for now. My nerves are shot, though. I had headaches all week from schlepping to the library and cafes, and yesterday I slept most of the day! Terrible to be so dependent on media trash being close at hand.

This review of SALOME just about says it all, although I disagree about Allison Cook's voice being 'too small' for the role. She sounded pretty robust from where I sat. The whole cast was excellent, but they were sure ill served by the production. SALOME should be pervy and creepy, of course, but this was just comically OTT.

I've been enjoying catching up with KILLING EVE, now that I've got iPlayer back.

I got my exercising done, but again, I just feel like hibernating in my heavy terry bathrobe with added cat warmth on top.

I really must get a new smartphone, now. The old one was VERY old, and it looks as though I've lost it for real, this time. It's been months.