September 17th, 2018



Still in the library; begged another 30 minutes.  It's disgraceful how messed up I am without my constant media fixes. I should use the 'free' time for work, but I've no creativity left.   At least I'm able to get basic Freeview stuff on TV.

I'm still getting off on BODYGUARD and VANITY FAIR. BLACK EARTH RISING is good, but possibly a bit complicated for my old brain.

TRUST is great fun, so far. I was vexed that I couldn't Google JP Getty straight away. I knew about the pay phones for his guests, but if the rest of the stuff is true, he was a 'character' all right... I hadn't any idea he kept a harem, and an unfortunate bloke had to read porn to him until he revved himself up sufficiently to attend to them. (That was before he started having invigorating injections in the willy...) He also had a lioness running loose around the place, and despite needing his factotum to help him brush his teeth, had a ritual of washing his own socks industriously every night, and hanging them up to dry.  It all looks super, and the cast is fine, including Donald Sutherland obviously having a chortle camping it up as the 'orrible old tycoon.

I haven't had a chance to watch KILLING EVE yet, but I quite fancy it.