September 7th, 2018


Lusting For Stuff...

It was beautiful today, crisp and bright, with the blue sky dotted with nice, fluffy clouds.My kinda day....I went to Knightsbridge to gawp at the PC World/Currys there . I really do fancy that new Samsung Tablet S4. I will have to get some sort of smartphone, soon. Maybe one of the more feasably priced Samsungs? Something gentle on geriatric technophobes.
Another new TV series last night, PRESS. I quite liked it, although it was a bit corny and old-fashioned. ( I've always been fascinated with reporter stories.)  As a child, I sometimes thought I'd like to be a journalist. Ha, I can't see myself  being tough enough to give anyone a 'death knock' , or to trail around insisting that some wretched celeb come out to me/tell me all about their current affair/impending divorce/ whatever.
Unusually, Moon stretched out and invited a bellyrub this morning. Both Wotan and Amazy (especially the latter-) loved them but she's never shown much interest . So, I scritched a bit, and then she bit me (not hard, though)