September 5th, 2018


Watchin' Stuff...

Latest new TV show is WANDERLUST. A not-all-that-interesting, so far ,comedydrama  about the sex lives of  a middleaged middleclass couple searching for greater erotic satisfaction. It's OK, and may get more (snigger) gripping as it goes along. I like Toni Collette, but she declared in a recent interview that she might be the first woman to act out an orgasm on BBC1. Surely there are 'orgasms' galore most every night, on the Beeb, and everywhere else.
Also saw a strange old film, TRACK OF THE CAT, that I remember seeing at the cinema with my parents, when I was about four. ( Nobody much cared, in those days about stuff being inappropriate for kids, unless it was sexy.)  I was quite scared, but don't think I mentioned it. You never even saw the killer panther, but heard its alarming growls. There was a lot of loud, intense music, eerie snowscapes, and a spooky old Indian muttering balefully all the time.
Actually, it was a pretty decent picture.
I left my purse at home AGAIN (Senility beckons-) and once more, I was allowed to have coffee, and owe them for it.  After that, I was meaning to go to PC World and drool at stuff, but noticed that Wandsworth Road was slowed down worse than usual, and there were a lot of sirens, etc., so I thought fuck it.
I've been searching for ages for my pretty little silver Claddagh ring. It was quite delicate and thin, not my usual style, but I found it in the street years ago, and liked it. I think it must have slipped off my wizened old finger, outdoors. Hope someone finds it who will also enjoy it.