September 4th, 2018


Horrible Haircut...

Picked up the laundry, changed the sheets (a detested chore-) and had my hair buzzed. R Next Door came to the door, later, jumped, and said (as usual-) 'Oh Gott, zat looks ZO frightening!'
I had to wait for a while in the Ghanian barbershop, and it kind of struck me how incredibly disgusting that place is. I've been going there for many years, but kind of block the gruesomeness, usually... There is NO RUNNING WATER. The floors are seldom swept, and littered with great tumbleweeds of hair and strands of the toilet paper they wrap around your neck. I have sometimes wondered how it is they've never been shut down. I go there because they don't fuss and chat and all that, and a haircut costs £6.00