August 31st, 2018


Sick, Sick, Sick...(TMI)

Very odd...At physio, it was airless as usual, but I functioned pretty well, except for sweating. Afterwards, I went to Iceland and stolled home, feeling absolutely fine. At home, I started getting 'orrible cramps, then was very vommy and crappy, except that I hadn't had enough to eat, really, which made it all the more agonising.
 I was also dreadfully giddy, had to hold on to the walls, and the palms of my hands were BURNING. WTF was that all about? Haven't felt anything like it since the malady I had when I got back from  Rome. Still feeling weak, weedy and crampy. Uck. It's hot, too.
The rather tedious KEEPING FAITH finished, and I binged on the last few eps of the much better SHARP OBJECTS, which was well creepy