August 14th, 2018


Doleful, Doleful...

It turned out I received THREE pieces of Very Bad News yesterday. Two about people, one about a special animal.,, Fingers (pictured) was my sister's longtime familiar, The Cat of her life. She was a rescued stray, and as they often are, was a particularly  cuddly and clever customer. Like my Wotan, she was ar least 20, so she had a good innings and all, but that can make it all the more devasting when they gotta go. *Sigh*. The sib just recently lost a dear human friend, too...

Well, at least London was spared another terrorist attack today. It's still not clear exactly what was going on, but a car went into the barricades outside Parliament, mowing down  some cyclists, who luckily weren't badly hurt. The driver is in custody, but so far, it's not known if he was drunk, had a siezure or something, or was actually attempting a particularly inept-thank gods-) act of terrorism.
Much worse was the tragic bridge collapse in Italy; quite a few dead, heaven help them.
Good news, we need you...
Bloody humid again, although cloud cover has been helpful. When the sun comes out, it's hideously simmery, though.
There have been a couple of good BBC biogs this week, one on Angela Carter, who used to live nearby, another on John Minton, a fine, but now out of fashion painter/illustrator, by the ridiculously talented Mark Gatiss. Several times, he was shown in Minton's haunts, sketching quite skillfully. Not fair! Why can some people do bloody everything well?  Anyway, both these shows were fascinating, and can still be seen on iPlayer.