August 9th, 2018

Vanga vanga crone

Very Weird Day...

Nothing actually happened, but it just seemed odd. After all my complaining about heat exhaustion, I was pleased to see proper steady rain happening this morning, but once I'd got up, faffed around, had my coffee and fed Moon, I just had to sit down, and I went to sleep for about two hours! Several other people seem to have had similar experiences, Maybe the need to catch up, after many nights of heat-blighted sleep...
Sloped out to physio, which is rather a long walk in wet weather. Only four other people turned up, and this time,the class was led by two very young, trainee-type girls. Vanilla put us through our paces, and next week Chocolate takes over ,'until we can find someone permanent.' Seems like our elegant French lady has scarpered. She never said anything about leaving, and last week the stand-in said she was on holiday again, and would be back in two weeks. Vanilla said she'd 'decided she doesn't want to be with us right now.' Curious.
On the way home , the rain got quite serious, and I ended up soaked to the skin. My old cagoule doesn't seem to be waterproof any more. Oh well. I don't mind really, it was just so nice to have rain. It was a strange-feeling day, though; can't really put my finger on it.