July 22nd, 2018

Sweatin', Spewin'...

I was quite hungry, and tried to eat a Quorn 'steak' slice, which I usually like. I puked immediately.
It seems I can only eat nuts, some fruit, yoghurt, and ice lollies, now, yet if anything, I get fatter.
I've discovered a lovely thirst quenchy drink, though, "Say Aloe". It has calories, unfortunately, but evidently they do a no-sugar version as well, although I haven't seen it so far
I can remember the summer of '76, when I was working as an au pair for some rich people. For some reason, they never used their swimming pool, After my morning's toil, I had full access to it! I used to think how lucky I was. I did suffer in the heat then, but nothing like now. I felt uncomfortable, but  not ill.
THOR: RAGNAROK was great silly fun; quite KIrbyesque visually