July 15th, 2018


Summer Hibernation...

Spending most of my dwindling time on this plane hiding from the scorching sun, watching various rubbish  on TV...
I must say DIET LAND on Amazon Prime is terrific, though. I've got to episode 5, and 'Plum' is a character I can really empathise with, in many ways. I hope it doesn't get all soppy in the end.
UI've been enjoying the travel series with Ramesh Ranganathan, a comedian unknown to me, visiting countries that most people would tend to avoid. Haiti looked  intriguing, but I don't think I'd actually care to go there. Tonight, though, was Albania, which I've always fancied. I think I'd avoid the riding in a 4x4, along horrible sheer drops to get to the (actually amazingly beautiful) mountains, but on the whole I think I'd like it very much there; reminds me a bit of Serbia.
Watched another dull biopic, PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN. You'd think the truth-based story of a psychology lecturer who invented the lie detector, and lived in a S&M- flavoured threesome with his wife and their assistant, eventually creating WONDER WOMAN comics, would be fascinating, but it was pretty soporific.
Knowing I was unlikely to sleep much, I sat up watching the critically battered Tom Cruise vehicle, THE MUMMY, and it was rather better than I'd expected. It was bollocks, of course, but pacey and mildly entertaining, in a dumbass way. I have to hand it to Mr Cruise (and probably his cosmetic surgeon, the makeup department, and good camera work-), he's still pretty convincingly boyish.
Finished Diana Souhami's biography of Gluck. I've always admired her painting, but as a person, she seems to have been pretty hard work.
I've also been watching the exploitative and distasteful programmes about obesity, cosmetic surgery, and 'orrible murders, as usual, gods forgive me.