July 10th, 2018


Oh Rapture...

Still warm, but blissfully cloudy and breezy. I got my 'outdoor gym' session done, and it was so good to be able to move a bit, that I enjoyed it. Went to the coffee shop afterwards, and caught up on my dream recording... I slept through, last night, and had a wild one:
I was at uni, trying to escape my parents' house, and discovered a very cheap but 'respectable' hotel on a road similar to Riverside Drive, NY. I hoped that my parents might agree to pay the rent (you got breakfast included, too-) to get rid of me. The staff, and other tenants, mostly fellow arty/student types, were quite pleasant, apart from this annoying younger girl, who obviously wanted to be 'friends' and wouldn't leave me in peace.
Then there was a big kerfuffle in the lobby, as Poldark stalked in, carrying a hollow silver figure about two feet tall, of a Roman matron. Inside was a fubard severed head, and Poldark was tracking the killer. Everyone was freaking out from the horrible sight, and fear that the murderer was still at large, quite possibly in the hotel. There was a great deal more, very complicated, but you know...
Delightful WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? last night, with the likeable Olivia Coleman enthusing about the discovery of a romantic tale that was unearthed, about a half-Indian ancestress, who she hadn't known existed, and the confirmation that there was 'a French woman' as recalled in family legend, as well.
Also watched a biography of skater John Curry. He was pretty astonishing. If his horrible father had allowed him to study dance, as he'd wanted to, as a kid, he might have been another Nureyev. Sadly, he suffered badly with depression, and didn't enjoy his sporting fame, etc, as much as he should have. He also died young, of AIDs. Sigh.
EASTENDERS has several particularly silly storylines going at present; perhaps the funniest is the one about MIck's childhood pal Stuart, who is now a crazed vigilante trapping paedophiles online, in revenge for his own childhood abuse. He's also started being all menacing, and possibly rapey with Linda, who dislikes him. The poor woman's already been raped, by Mick's tonto half-brother , which took her about five years to recover from. The actor playing Stuart is formidably OTT, and looks like a psychotic Alexi Sayle...

Splendid news from Thailand. All the young footballers and their coach have now been rescued from the cave. An almost miraculous 'good news' story, marred only by the death of one of the brave rescuers.
Now it would be lovely if England could win the world cup. I find the whole thing a bore, but it would give so many people so much pleasure, after decades of sporting no-hope.
I heard the RAF fly-past, which frightened me, as I'd forgotten about it, and couldn't actually see anything, but it was fuckin' LOUD. Saw it later on TV, though. Quite impressive.