July 4th, 2018



Ahhh, still hot, but breezy, and it's getting fairly cloudy now, so a 'day off' from total inferno conditions.
Saw a weird old film on TALKING PICTURES (81) last night, THESE ARE THE DAMNED; a whacko combination of 'wild youth of today' stuff, ( with young Oliver Reed leading a motorbike gang in Weymouth...) and apocalyptic sci-fi. A group of cold-blooded  radioactive kids are being kept in an all-mod-cons cave system to be prepared for the aftermath of atomic war, when only they will be able to survive, and rebuild civilisation. It's quite mental. and actually pretty absorbing.
I hope the gruesome Esther McVey has to resign. The things she said the other day, in addition to being largely lies, were incredibly insulting and sadistic to the poor, all about 'humanely' weaning them off their luxurious lives of 'free money'! Beastly.