June 28th, 2018


Still More Scorchio...

The park looks like a savannah now, and no rain expected for at least a week.
Started reading the biography of painter Gluck by Diana Souhami, who seems to share my fascination with  bohemian queer  creatives  of the early 20th centuryThose arty lesbo types were mostly wealthy enough to patronise Saville Row tailors for their drag, travel widely and luxuriously, with plenty of staff to bully and abuse, and maintain several splendid properties. Gluck hated having to depend on vast family wealth for a living, poor poppet, but she certainly didn't  reject it!
Physio was, of course, dreadful, but the instructor did take it fairly easy on us. I had a bit of luck on the way home, too...bagged a copy ofJoff Winterhart's DRIVING SHORT DISTANCES, which I'd wanted to read, but couldn't spare fifteen squid for. It was three pounds at the new charity shop. Heh!

Still More Scorchio...