June 20th, 2018


Museum Visit...

Yesterday I went over to Tate Britain to see the current shows, ALL TOO HUMAN and AFTERMATH. It cost £18.00 ! Without my ArtCard and OAP discount, it would have been £34.00; and I'd have had to skip it. Admittedly, they were both big shows, and I was there for about three hours to get through them .. They were interesting, too AFTERMATH was especially good, with quite a few pieces and some artists I wasn't familiar with.


Watched THE BABADOOK again, as I couldn't get subtitles last time, and wanted to see if I'd missed out, somehow. (I'd been a bit underwhelmed-) I still think that although it's a very good film, it's not proper 'orror. Had similar feelings about GET OUT.
Terrible high pollen this week. I seem to suffer even more than most  from it. I guess it's hereditary. as I remember both my parents being so afflicted that the house was rocking with the anguished trumpetings of a busy day at the elephant's graveyard  from April through October, and they were even crankier than usual. I've been lucky with the cloud cover and breeze in London so far this week, though. When the sun does burn through, it's simmering.
Another 'mini-heatwave is threatened for next week.