June 9th, 2018


Another Weary Weekend...

Watched LOVE ISLAND for the first, and probably, last time   The contestants were all completely plastic, and unattractive, IMO, with the marginal exeption of Alex , the rather cute  young A&E doctor (what was he DOING?) None of the gurlz fancied him, and he's probably gone now. Jeezus.It makes BIG BROTHER look deep.
Watched the recent remake of IT: not bad, but not really much impovement on the old one with Tim Curry, Why bother?
Everyone seems upset about the suicide of chef Anthony Bourdain. It's very sad, of course, but  i never read him, or followed his TV stuff.
One of those 'friends' I don't know in RL, who often posts horrible images of animal abuse, which I don't really think are very helpful, was railing against him because of his sampling of 'extreme cuisine'. Apparently he once ate a dish involving ( ughhh)  duck intestines, yanked out while the poor critter was still alive, to ensure  super-fresh taste. Can that even be true?  The woman who posted this seemed to think Bourdain's death was a Good Thing because of this. Personally, although I find  the duck thing really shocking, I don't applaud his hanging himself, poor bugger.
There are some strange little birds in the park that I can't  identify. They're smallish, very slender, with sparrow-grey plumage, and white trim along the wings and tail. They have an odd, jerky walk and 'takeoff'. I've not found anything quite like them on Google yet, but I assume they're fairy common. Any ideas?