June 5th, 2018

i am bored

Mundane Stuff...

Sun: Sun came out early. Ugh. Got my exercising done, and collected the laundry, then sloped into another semi-comatose day. It wasn't even that hot, but it's stifling, and the pollen count is sky high. Watched the finale of A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL; really good stuff, with great performances. I'm curious about Norman Scott, though. In the documentary afterwards on BBC4, he seemed to be living in a lovely cottage, with 11 dogs. If he never got his National Insurance card sorted, where did he get the money to live so comfortably? Inheritance? Wealthy partner? Good luck to him, in any event.
Mon: Overcast, thank gods. Went to Brixton, faffed about. I checked out the vegan bakery on Coldharbour Lane, but they have nothing but cupcakes and such, all about £3-4, too. Fap. Got a few good, cheap paperbacks at Bookmongers.
Tues: It was actually rather chilly in the park this morning. So strange...Not that I'm complaining. It's been great to have some breathable air. The pollen's still bad, though. Continued to binge on THE STRAIN. It may be a potboiler, but it's engaging. with good performances from Jonathan Hyde, and Richard Sammel, who is actually rather scary as The Master's Nazi factotum, (the rictus smile and unblinking eyes are well creepy.)