May 21st, 2018


(no subject)

Went to Brixton this morning, but felt too hot to stick around. By the time I got home it had clouded over, and cooled off a bit.
Interesting stuff on TV, THE HANDMAID'S TALE  is engagingly grim. That documentary about Rupert Everett  playing Wilde was interesting, too.  I have a lot iof time for Mr Everett, actually. He's one of those celebs I think might actually be fun to hang out with. Haven't seen part two of PATRICK MELROSE yet, but I don't doubt it's gonna be good.
I've made an appointment for Moon's checkup on Wednesday. May the gods be merciful. I really cannot affort 400 quid or so for cat dental work, and who knows what else? Vets are really way too expensive.