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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

RICHARD WAGNER- Hagen's call
RICHARD WAGNER- Hagen's call

For me the best interpretation of the best part of the Ring, :)

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 16 May 2018, 13:09

Another Dull Old Day...

Bah, I've renewed my extra userpics sub, but still can only use 30...
After yesterday's Summer, it's grey and rather chilly again. I didn't wear a jacket to the park, and felt damn cold. R Next Door is being weird... with her pigeon and squirrel  (not to mention worm!) salvation projects. She counts the goslings and ducklings every day on the Common, and goes mental if one is missing.Now that Lula has passed, she has more time for all this.
Despite physio, and my usual stretches, my joints are in a bad way. I was shoving  a laundry-laden trolley onto the bus, and the driver didn't bother to lower the platform. I managed, but then couldn't hoist myself up! A man kindly gave me a shove from behind. Mortification.
Had a dream I was involved in solving a crime, and had to go and meet my uncle ( WS Gilbert) in a poshly stuffy  Victorian place, like the club where Mycroft Holmes hangs out. On the staircase ( like the one in my old  Catholic high school-) Gilbert (who looked like Daniel Day Lewis!) greeted me, and gave me some information. It was quite an interesting story, I think, but of course, I've forgotten it...
Wish something really grotesque would disrupt the boring Royal Wedding. Not enough to seriously harm anyone, of course, but something  wild...