May 15th, 2018



Went for my quarterly dental clean and checkup. Why does it have to hurt so much? He even gave me shots, but that hurts, too, and didn't really help much. My eyes were watering. Then, my face was hanging down like a Bloodhound's for HOURS.
I noticed this morning, glancing in the mirror in full sunshine, that, in addition to the dewlaps that make my face look like it's melting, I have a lot of those real Oldie wrinkles, like little grids, all over my chops. Waaaah!
It was another lovely day, but getting a bit too warm for my taste. I was so shattered after the dentist, and a few shop stop-offs, that I just collapsed with a trashy but entertaining horror novel, and didn't exercise- until the little angel stomped on my shoulder, and I dragged my saggy old butt down to the park, at about four.
Well, at least I haven't puked yet, today, and finally got an appointment with the doctor for Friday.