May 10th, 2018


Sleepytime Crone...

I'm always bloody exhausted anyway, but constantly nauseous  as well is just too much. ZzzzUrp!
Nice not-too-hot day, anyway. Got my workout done, and got through the physio class. She worked us pretty hard, though.
As I wandered home via Clapham High Street, I was nearly knocked over by two burly teenagers, bashing each other as they backed out of McDonald's, A small crowd of enthusiastic kids was gathering, but nobody seemed inclined to try and break it up. I certainly wasn't.
Watched a couple of episodes of SIREN about some sort of mermaid, but  don't think it's worth sticking with. I've discovered I can't connect to the BT channel  for some reason, even when I turn NOW off. This is a drag because I wanted to carry on watching THE TERROR which is good. Bum.
Nothing else on TV at the moment, but THE BRIDGE, with the divine Saga, returns tomorrow night. I may have an early night, anyhow, as I'm just soooo knackered and foggy-brained.