April 16th, 2018


Feelin' Furiosa...

Went to the park early, then planted myself indoors awaiting the collection of the broken hoover, and the delivery of the new, much-needed computer chair.
I'd cancelled the blood test for fear of missing them, but neither arrived or bothered to contact me...I tell a lie, the hoover collector claimed he'd come at 11:30 (I was sitting there waiting-) and had to reply.  Haven't had any response from the chair place yet. I'm really very, very annoyed. %^&#@!!!
I watched the last episode of MARSEILLE, which was pretty soppy, all very tidy and 'I love you, son'...'I love you, Dad'-ish, until the final cliffhanger moment.
BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN was a rather dull documentary about two girls who stabbed a friend, supposedly to please the internet bogeyman.
I also watched the first episode of THE TERROR (BT TV) the other day, and it looks pretty promising.
There was a dustup between R Next Door and the owner of Honey the Dangerous Dog.
And that was today, folks.