April 8th, 2018


Nervous Wreckage...

Still drizzling too hard to go to the park  to 'flail' (R Next Door's description  of my inept exercise skills-). I could certainly too with a day off, anyway. My knees have been extremely uncomfortable. It's difficult for me even to step up onto the bus... Now, of course, I'm dying a thousand deaths in anticipation of my cataracts geeting done (in about a year and a half-)  as well.

TROY: FALL OF A CITY  improved a bit, in the last two episodes, although it was still fairly bland. What a waste of money, It could have been riveting. Come to think of it, that film with Brad Pitt (!) as Achilles, was pretty dire, too, despite even more spectacle and expensive actors.
Another series conclusion was BENEATH THE SURFACE, which was reaonably OK, with some interesting, if not terribly credible, twists. One of the actors, a blonde woman who appears in many Scandi shows, has the wonderful moniker of 'Paprika Steen'.THE ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE got a very negative writeup in the GUARDIAN the other day, but I'm still utterly absorbed. I agree, though, that the performance of Darren Criss as Cunanan, is a real revelation; fantastic.